Library Rules and Regulations


Who can become the member of the library?


1.    All Graduate and Post Graduate Students admitted in College.


2.    External Post graduate students (Limited number).


3.    Post-Graduate students of affiliated colleges for reference only.


4.    All faculty members of the College.


Relaxation of Library Rules for Nonstudents:


The Library rules for outsiders were revised and made more user-friendly with a view to encourage nonstudents also to make use of the Library which is one of its kinds in the region.


Rules for use of B.T. Card:


1.    Books will be issued strictly against B.T. Card only.


2.    In case the B.T. Card is lost, the member will have to communicate the librarian in written immediately to avoid misuse.


3.    If B.T. card is lost for second B.T. Card students will pay Rs 20/-.


4.    If the B.T. Card is lost, and in case the book is taken by anybody else, then the member will be held responsible for transaction on B.T.Card.


5.    Two Books can be borrowed on B.T. Card for 15 days and one time renew.


6.    Reference books and Journals cannot be made available for home issue.


7.    In case of loss of library book by the user he/she, the matter will be taken seriously and it should be reported immediately to the Librarian


8.    Failures to return the book in time will cost Rs. One per day.


9.    Readers are not allowed to borrow books on the cards of another reader



Access to Library


1.    A Register for all visitors is available at entrance of the library; Students and Teachers are requested to make their entry in the Register while entering and departing from library.


2.    Use of Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside library


3.    Eatables are not allowed inside the library premises


4.    All readers are required to maintain silence and Discipline in the library